From installing simple software to refitting a new office, we will install anything you need as part of our support service. We can help you plan or troubleshoot existing or new installations to get things they way you want them.

We will strive to conduct hardware and software installations with the minimum possible interruption to your business and staff, our friendly helpdesk staff will liaise directly with your staff to get your installations done at your convenience.

With our experienced technicians, we can also plan ahead and take measures for problems you may have in the foreseeable future, meaning we will plan for the worst, so you can have peace of mind with no surprises.

Hardware/Software Purchasing

Need a new PC for your office but don’t know what you’re looking for or where to get it? As part of our support service, we will do all the leg work when it comes to procurement, we have accounts with leading retailers which will give us the best equipment at competitive prices. Even if you are not sure what exactly it is you are looking for, we can advise you on the best products for the results you wish to achieve.

As part of this service, we can also source all types of I.T related equipment such as, printers, fax machines, switches, routers and software. And in the worst case scenario, if any equipment fails, we will deal with returns and RMA’s and claiming warranties on your equipment, which means that you won’t have the inconvenience of long telephone queue’s to manufacturers or repacking, we will do it all.

We will handle all of your I.T procurement, so that you won’t have to.

Support Options

We offer a range of different services and support options, but our main target, is to give you as a business, whatever it is that you need.

Before service agreements and pricing plans even come into the equation, we would first like to have a consultation to discuss how your systems and staff are currently working, if and how you would like to change this, and what level of support you would require from us.

We can accommodate service support requests at any level, but first it is important to find out what you need, and how we can get it for you. After all we will effectively be your I.T department so it’s a simple as telling us what you want, and us giving it to you.

Remote Support

The main problem with your I.T equipment failing is that there isn’t anyone around when you need them. We have solved this problem by providing remote support to clients through our helpdesk; we can solve a majority of calls by simply; giving advice on the phone or by talking you through what is happening to get an instant solution. Failing that, we will also be able to connect remotely to a PC and give direct support, without the time and inconvenience of waiting for a technician to arrive at your site.

Remote support is a way for us as a company, to give instant high standard solutions, when you need it.

Your PC is not the only thing that we can support remotely; we can also troubleshoot your printers, the network, and servers at your workplace, so that you can get a solution within minutes of calling our friendly helpdesk staff.